2016 Results.

The Marathon organizers were thrilled to enjoy an increase of 30% on the Half Marathon race entries this year, instead of the anticipated 15-20%. Despite this increase, on the route the logistics and water supplies worked well.

Next year we will be catering for even greater numbers.

PLEASE NOTE: This year we are posting the results in a different to other years, as the chipping system has now made it possible for us to share your results with you directly online. Note that in the top left corner of the ONLINE RESULTS web page that you will be taken to, there is a filter option where you can drop the option down according to the race you have entered.

Results posted are provisional, any queries please email to reservations@wildfrontiers.com

**You can click directly on the QR picture to see the resutls or you can use your QR reader to take you to the results page.