Tumaini La Maisha - Official Charity of the Kilimanjaro Marathon 2022

TLM Giving to the Moshi Region through their Cancer treatment for Children at KCMC!!

Tumaini La Maisha Tanzania (TLM) is a committed charity that aims to reach every child in Tanzania who
develops cancer, and treat them with high quality cancer treatment free of charge with the hope for a
continued and healthy life.

Over the last 10 years, Tumaini la Maisha has driven remarkable change including a 3-fold increase in
survival (from 20-60%) and a 4 fold increase in numbers of children accessing services (from 200 to over
800 little patients). But with a population of over 60 million, more than 50% of whom are under the age of
18, Tanzania can expect to see between 3500-4000 new paediatric cancer cases each year. So there is
much more still to be done.

For many children referral and travel to our hub at MNH in Dar es Salaam still takes several days or even
weeks. Therefore, developing and improving the cancer services at regional centers is crucial. As part of
our effort to reach every child, we have created the National Childhood Cancer Network (NCCN) which
currently involves 11 hospitals across Tanzania. We hope to expand this over the coming years to more
than 30 centres until no child in the country is more than a 4-hour journey from a participating site.

The Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Moshi is one of our most active and
successful partners. They treat over 100 children annually.

TLM provides the KCMC service with all chemotherapy and other medications and consumables
required to treat their paediatric patients; access to central pathology review and rapid leukaemia
diagnostics; Government health insurance cards to any childhood cancer patient in need; and transport for
any child who needs referral to Dar es Salaam for sub-specialist treatment. All of these supports are offered
entirely free of charge by Tumaini la Maisha.

Tumaini la Maisha is delighted to be the 2022 Kilimanjaro Marathon official charity.
We have decided that all proceeds raised through the marathon will be used to fund all of TLM’s
activities and clinical supports at KCMC as we continue to grow this service with our wonderful

We urge you to consider supporting TLM’s activities in order to strengthen the NCCN and pediatric cancer
services in Tanzania most specifically in the Moshi, Kilimanjaro region.

You can donate here