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SPC to issue plots to top Tanzanian runners of Kilimanjaro Marathon

SPC to issue plots to top Tanzanian runners of Kilimanjaro Marathon 

The organizers of the prestigious Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon have announced a new official supplier, Surveyed Plots Company (SPC) Ltd based in Dar es Salaam who will award plots to the first male and female Tanzanian runners in this years Kilimanjaro Marathon [42km].

 “All costs associated with registering the land in their names, along with all legal frameworks around it will be the cost of SPC,” said the organizers.

The SPC Head of Operations, Kenny Rogers, said they are proud to be part of the Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon 2022. “This is a big event and a good avenue for us to market ourselves and our products as this is one of the biggest sporting events in the entire East African region and we thought this would be a fabulous opportunity to celebrate a truly Tanzanian event for its 20th Anniversary!”

He said since there are two plots of land, there will be a ‘lucky dip’ of prizes to decide who gets which piece of land.

“These plots are in two different locations and we do not want to decide which one goes to who hence it will be a lucky draw and the winners will get all the necessary documents in their name after the marathon,” he said.

He called on Tanzanians to train harder in order to win these land incentives. “It is going to be quite competitive therefore those who train harder stand the highest chance of getting these prizes at the end of the day.

On another note, the organizers said for the first time, they will host the Kili Expo (The People’s Expo) where sponsors and other stakeholders will get the chance to showcase their products and services for three days from February 24-26, 2022 at the MoCU grounds. “The expo is meant to give the public a true Kili Marathon experience and we will also have number collection this time happening at MoCU and not Keys Hotel as it used to happen in the previous years,” said the organizers.

Sponsors for this year’s 20th Anniversary event include Kilimanjaro Premium Lager- Main sponsor, Tigo- 21km, Grand Malt -5km. Water table sponsors- Absa Tanzania, Unilever Tanzania, TPC Sugar, Simba Cement, Kilimanjaro Water and official suppliers, GardaWorld Security, Keys Hotel, Kibo Palace Hotel, Surveyed Plots Company Ltd, Tanzanian Tourism Baord and CMC Automobiles.

The Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon, which will be held on Sunday February 27, 2022 at the Moshi Cooperative University (MoCU), is organized by the Kilimanjaro Company Limited and locally coordinated by Executive Solutions Limited.