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On 4 March 2018, certain roads will be closed around Moshi to enable the safe operation of the race. Please take note of the below so as not to be inconvenienced. At ALL times please be aware of the potential of encountering runners on the roads, so drive carefully and slowly.

From Arusha: Vehicles will not be able to pass the YMCA Corner / Askari Roundabout in the direction of Dar es Salaam from 06h:30 – 08h:30.

From DAR / Marangu / Himo: Vehicles will not be able to pass Sango School in the direction of Moshi after 06h:30, until 08h:30.

From Machame – Down Sokoine Road: Road will be closed at Shanty Town road at 06h:00 – detour onto Lema Road.

From RAU to Moshi: Road will be closed for the fun run front 07h:15 – 08h:00.

Other road controls and closures may be implemented at the discretion of Moshi Police.

Runners Parking:

In order to allow easy parking there are two areas allocated, and secured, for athletes.

MOCU East – access via Uru Road, into the MOCU grounds. Good shady parking on right hand side, approx. 200 metres from the stadium, where ALL  events finish – and about 500m from the HALF MARATHON START on Sokoine Road. KK Security in charge of this area.

CCP (the Police Training College) – access from Kilimanjaro Road, into the CCP grounds. Follow the signs and park on the edge of the CCP fields, access to Sokoine Road right at the start of the Half Marathon via a pedestrian gate. Moshi Police in charge of this area.

NOTE – both of these areas have lots of space, and are close to the FINISH, great when you are tired! So please use them.

Minibus / Taxi  Drop Off:

Can drop at either of the above parking areas, or at the road sides – note there will be no acccess to MOCU from Sokoine Road from 06h:00, so if coming from this side will have to drop at corner Sokoine and Kilimanjaro Road. Make sure you have enough time to get to your starting point!

Drive Carefully – Be aware of Runners at all times!