Charity & Donations 2024.


You are invited to make your 2024 Kilimanjaro Marathon event experience even more meaningful by doing something truly powerful – creating your personal fundraising project for charity!

Introducing Tumaini la Maisha, TLM.

Children’s cancer charity caring for children with cancer in Tanzania

Who would like to save a child’s life while racing in the Kilimanjaro Marathon 2024?

  • Did you know that given the right treatment childhood cancer is very curable – 85% of kids with cancer in resource rich settings are fully cured. Tumaini La Maisha has been working across Tanzania for 12 years supporting hospitals (including KCMC), providing chemotherapy, medical staff and services free of charge for all children in need.
  • Tanzania’s children’s cancer care story began with the treatment of just over 100 children in 2005, when survival rates barely reached 10%. Fast forward to 2022, TLM supports almost 1,000 new patients with survival rates reaching to over 50%. Learn more about our efforts on our website
  • While these achievements are indeed noteworthy, there’s still so much ground to cover on our path to reach every child in need and continue to close the cure gap. There are so many children who tragically die before they reach the care they need and deserve.
  • TLM is committed to reaching every single child – but we need your support to do this – small donations from many donors can make a massive impact to this urgent need – can you help us spread childhood cancer cures across Tanzania?

The video below provides a glimpse into the daily life of a child with cancer in Tanzania.

Fundraise and Donate

We invite and urge you to make your Kilimanjaro Marathon 2024 event experience even more meaningful by doing something truly powerful. Together, let’s make every step count and bring hope to families and children in Tanzania facing a cancer diagnosis. Get involved in the following ways:

  1. Runners: 
    1. Create a personal fundraising page in benefit of children with cancer. Tap into your network of friends and family encouraging them to donate :
    2. You can also donate directly to TLM as you register for the race
  2. Sponsors:
      1. Consider making a CSR donation through
      2. We’d love to hear from you to build a relationship between your company & TLM
  3. Everyone:
        1. Click here to make a once off or join our GEM (Give Every Month) club
        2. Please spread this message to all your friends, family, colleagues, clubs – these children need everyone on their side.

Together we in Tanzania can dream big – together let’s offer EVERY SINGLE CHILD with cancer a CURE and a FUTURE! We really hope you will join team TLM!