Race Maps

Full Marathon

from the stadium, the route is a fairly flat 10 out on the road to Dar es Salaam, returning on same road back past the stadium gate – the Full is now 30 minutes behind the half, on the same route.

The second half of the race is the half marathon, described below.

Half Marathon

Starts 0700, outside of the college gate, and turns north, towards the mountain. Uphill, about 250 altitude gain in 8 km.

At about 8 km, the route follows a dirt road for about 2 km, though some farms and schools, before joining Lema Road, and the long downhill back to the stadium.

Note – there are water points – some with Coke – and sponge points amply supplied along this route.

Disabled wheelchair and handcycle race – 10 km

from the stadium, the route turns left at Mweka road, and then onto Kilimanjaro Road, on a fairly flat, shaded route.

It then heads north up Lema road, to the GAPCO turning point, before retracing steps to the stadium.

Fun Run

Will be approximately 5km in length.

The route passes through many small-holder farms, villages, sections of Moshi town (which is very quiet on a Sunday morning!), banana and coffee plantations and patches of forest, providing great excitement to the residents who give ample vocal support.

The atmosphere in the stadium is electric with local bands playing, entertainment, crowds of local enthusiasts to cheer the runners, and lots of food and drink for sale.

Travel arrangements and packages to access the race are being provided by Wild Frontiers, the official tour operator, a Tanzanian inbound operator with its head office in South Africa, as well as operations in Uganda and Zimbabwe. Wild Frontiers is highly experienced in travel to Tanzania and are members of TATO (Tanzania Tour Operators) as well as South African Tour Operators Association, ASATA.

The race is completely backed up, and manned by local organisations. Crowd control and traffic control are provided for,
as is medical assistance and communications.

Official timekeeping is arranged, as is an official prize giving and function attended by local dignitaries