Kilimanjaro Marathon – March 2014 – News Update


Greetings All,

More than three weeks have passed since over 6500 runners surged through the streets of Moshi, for the 2014 events – The Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Full Marathon, Half Marathon and Vodacom Fun Run, as well as the GAPCO Disabled 10 km took place on 2 March 2014.

What a day it was – the weather was great, the mountain stood clear above the town and runners, the stadium was brightly displaying all the branding of our sponsors, and the athletes waited in anticipation for the start.

A few changes this year, the most appreciated of which was the new route, being a continuous circuit, not an “out and back “for the Half (and the second section of the Full). Athletes were also treated to some great shady rural roads, with banana trees and patches of montane forest along the new route. Numbers were up in the half and the fun run, but down slightly in the full. The Disabled hand-cycle and wheelchair event was great, with some amazing, brave people out there completing 10 km.

Water points were all well manned and festive, they just get better each year. Despite some ‘quieter’ times at the finish due to power outages, this area also worked well, and the post-race entertainment I am told was excellent.

Tanzanians are slowly clawing their way back into the top 10, as can be seen by the results . Hopefully some of this improvement can be attributed to the event and sponsors, and the private clubs that are attempting to help out our athletes. Much more can still be done here I feel.

On the Half Marathon, a new race record was set of 62:37 by Kenyan Alfers Lagat, with runner Silah Limah hot on his heels. This could be attributed to the change of route… or perhaps the athletes are simply going faster! Either way, our hearty congratulations.

For 2015, we have some great ideas to freshen up the event once more, and get Tanzanian Athletes winning ALL the top honours. These include training programs, diet advice etc. For the “social” runners, we will have a New Cause, for you to train for, and run for, which will be close to all your hearts, no matter where you come from in the World.

As always, we are grateful to ALL our sponsors and everyone who has contributed to the success of the event. Without your help and commitment there simply would not be a Kilimanjaro Marathon!

Hoping to see you all back in 2015. Let’s use our sport to do good for the Continent.

Kind Regards
The Kilimarathon Team