Kilimanjaro Full and Half Marathon - 1 March 2015

Take up the challenge!!! Come and run the 5km, The TIGO 21.2km or the full Kilimanjaro Lager 42.2km marathon on 1 March, in Moshi. We also have a fantastic race for 'wheelchair' and 'racing chair' athletes over a distance of approx. 10km

Kilimanjaro Marathon 2014 - Supersport Viewing Schedule

Please note below the new schedule for the up and coming Kilimanjaro Marathon 2014 Supersport viewing times.

Kilimanjaro Marathon - March 2014 - News Update

More than three weeks have passed since over 6500 runners surged through the streets of Moshi, for the 2014 events - The Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Full Marathon, Half Marathon and Vodacom Fun Run, as well as the GAPCO Disabled 10 km took place on 2 March

Kilimanjaro Marathon 2014 News

On the morning of 02 Mar 2014 the sun rose over Africa's highest mountain with over 6000 runners readying themselves to run a race. It was the perfect running day allowing some sunshine, to reveal the mountain, and cloudiness to cool down the runners.

2 Days to go for Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon 2014

We have had quite a few athletes sign on for the newsletter after we sent out this update, so we are re-sending it again as a last minute update in case some of you missed it.

2014 KiliMarathon 2014 - Additional information for athletes

Included in this newsletter - a couple of refresher points for you, that will also be available at registration in case you need to check for something

Kilimanjaro Talk Evening in NELSPRUIT, 06 Feb 2014 With Wild Frontiers & Cape Union Mart

How does one reach the summit of Africa’s highest mountain? Step by step! It is not just a hike, it’s a journey for the soul. Every sight, smell and sound on a Kilimanjaro expedition is engraved into your memory that will remind you of an incredible experience

Getting "into gear" for Kilimanjaro Marathon 2014

Are you getting "into gear" for Kilimanjaro Marathon 2014. Looking for some training tips, check out the Runnersguide website for more details..

Victoria Falls Mountain Bike Challenge 11 - 15 June 2014

Mountain Biking through some of the most scenic places in Southern Africa, this has to be one of the most exciting events you can do, testing your skills against the terrain and keeping your senses sharpened for any encounters with the local wildlife!

Kilimanjaro Marathon Launch 2014

THE 12th edition of the annual Kilimanjaro Marathon was launched with a bang in Dar es Salaam yesterday with a 25 per cent increase of prize money for full marathon, which goes up from 15m/- to 20m/-.