Charity & Donation.

Wild Frontiers & Keys Hotel are involved with building, furnishing and where possible stocking a local Moshi school. The Kiboroloni Primary School has approx 700 pupils, and we actively support this school through the race.

There is a dire shortage of schools in the Moshi region, especially senior schools. In Tanzania, it is often difficult to get hold of good quality books and supplies for schools, and often shortages mean that children have to share a book between many of them at a time, as such learning may be curbed because of this.

We would like to suggest, that you may like to take up a reading book, or pens, pencils or crayons, stationery, etc etc for donating to our school charity. These items may be new or used, and obviously should be in English (books) – for any age group. We will have a central collecting point at the Keys Hotel in Moshi, and they will ensure that all donations are passed directly to the Headmaster of the school – whether it be senior or primary level. Any books – even National Geographic magazines – will be welcomed.

A small donation of this kind will be greatly appreciated by the pupils and teachers alike. Please note that this is merely a suggestion – please don’t feel compelled to buy books etc, but any donations would be most welcome. If you would like to visit the school, please ask the reception at Keys to arrange for you.


We would love to encourage all international runners to offset their carbon emissions by supporting this amazing organisation as flying is one area where it is hard to reduce your carbon impact.

Climate change is considered the biggest threat of our time, with the effects being felt by everyone and protecting existing forests is one of the most effective methods to combat climate change as mature trees both absorb and store carbon. Greenhouse gas emissions can be generated in Europe but the effects are felt in Africa or Asia and it is the poor who will feel the effects acutely, so if we can slow the rate of climate change then the poor all over Tanzania will benefit. Few people know how to tackle the problem so we offer a way for everyone to act on global climate change, and protect threatened forests and their indigenous communities at the same time.

Please contact Sarah Borman ( to find out how to get involved.

Help us preserve the amazing environment in which we are all so privileged to run and live in.