Arusha Registration Dates Confirmed


The Arusha Registration date for the 2017 Kilimanjaro Marathon has been decided upon as Tuesday 21 February and Thursday 22 February strictly from 14h00 to 20h00.

IMPORTANT: All athletes MUST BRING their PASSPORTS, or proof of identity document to registration for the full and half marathon races.


Full Marathon:
Entry only – foreign residents: $65 / East African citizens Tsh8000 / East African residents or work permit holders $35

Half Marathon:
Entry only – foreign residents: $65 / East African citizens Tsh6000 / East African residents or work permit holders $35

5km Fun Run:
Fun run – Foreign residents – $ 3 / local residents and citizens Tsh3000 / East African residents or work permit holders $2
10km Wheelchair, Hand cycle and Tricycle Event:
Entry only – foreign residents: $10 / East African citizens Tsh3000 / East African residents or work permit holders $5

Kilimarathon Media Launch Press Release & Exposure

Kilimarathon Media Launch Press Release & Exposure

The 15th edition of the Kilimanjaro Marathon was launched in Dar es Salaam recently.  “We have seen the fruits of this marathon through our Tanzania’a own Alfonce Felix Simbu. He  finished 5th in the Rio Olympic Games after participating in Kili Marathon in 2014 and finishing 4th in the half marathon. We can produce more Simbus out of the Kilimanjaro Marathon,” the TBL Group Marketing Director, Kushilla Thomas

The marathon which will be held on Sunday February 26 2017 in Moshi, will bring together over 8000 local and international runners from more than 45 countries all over the world. Prizes for the 42km Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon include – Total cash prizes of Tsh 20m with prizes for top 10 male and female runners. Male and female winners will grab Tsh 4m each.

Wild Frontiers Managing Director, John Addison, who is the main organiser of the marathon, confirms all is set and for next year’s marathon there will be two days of registration in Dar es Salaam and Arusha to ease congestion in Moshi.

Enter now if you haven’t already!

We cannot wait and look forward to seeing you there for another epic event. For information please email : or visit our website on

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Get ready for another exciting Kilimanjaro Marathon

Feet racing, heart pulsating … get ready for another exciting Kilimanjaro Marathon, which just gets bigger and better every year.

This marathon has it all. The hustle and bustle of this vibey, scenic run set on the foothills of the mighty Kilimanjaro mountain is sure to get the blood pumping through your veins. Whether you are joining us for the first time, or returning in the hope of bettering your previous time, we hope you have started training for this iconic event. And if the idea of the full or half marathon is a little too daunting, opt for the 5km fun run/ walk.

Tanzania offers something for everyone – so don’t just “come and run”. Whether you prefer to challenge yourself with a pre/post run hike to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro,  sip cocktails on Zanzibar’s tropical beaches after a long marathon, or tick off a bucket list trip with our Serengeti safari package, we’ll tailormake your perfect marathon experience.

We cannot wait and look forward to seeing you there for another epic event. For information please email : or visit our website on

The Kilimarathon 2016 – SuperSport YouTube Link

For those of you who missed the show on SuperSport, please find below the link for viewing the 2016 Kilimanjaro Marathon race.

Hope you enjoy!

Your feedback is always appreciated.

NEXT years race event takes place on the : 26 February 2017

Kind regards
The Kilimanjaro Marathon Team

2016 Kilimanjaro Marathon Viewing Schedule

The 2016 KILIMANJARO MARATHON viewing times on the SuperSport channel have been established, please see the list below of TX times of when you can watch this amazing event, but please remember these are SA times, so update them to your time zone or check your SuperSport website to confirm:

Time Duration Channel
29 March, Tuesday
19:30 00:30:00 SS8
30 March, Wednesday
01:30 00:30:00 SS8
11:00 00:30:00 SS8
14:00 00:30:00 SelSA / SelSA-Go
17:30 00:30:00 SS8
19:30 00:30:00 SS9E
20:30 00:30:00 SS9
31 March, Thursday
00:30 00:30:00 SS9
04:30 00:30:00 SS8
06:00 00:30:00 SS8
07:00 00:30:00 SS9E
11:30 00:30:00 SS9E
12:30 00:30:00 SS9
20:00 00:30:00 SS9E
22:30 00:30:00 SS9
01 April, Friday
Time  Duration Channel
02:30 00:30:00 SS8
04:30 00:30:00 SelSA / SelSA-Go
14:00 00:30:00 SS9E
16:30 00:30:00 SS9
17:45 00:30:00 SelSA / SelSA-Go
20:30 00:30:00 SS9E
02 April, Saturday
02:30 00:30:00 SS9E
04:30 00:30:00 SS9
03 April, Sunday
04:30 00:30:00 SuperSport Select Go
04:30 00:30:00 Supersport Select
17:20 00:30:00 SS9
05 April, Tuesday
11:30 00:30:00 SS8
06 April, Wednesday
07:30 00:30:00 SelSA-Go

Post Kilimanjaro Marathon … and do we have stories for you!


Well done, to all our participants that took part in the Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon, we hope you achieved your goals and most of all had fun!

Every year the event grows in numbers and this year was no exception as 8500 people entered the race including local and foreign runners from around 44 countries.

The event offers 4 different races :

The 42km Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon,
The TIGO 21km half marathon,
The Gapco 10km WheelChair, Handcycle and Tricycle event
The 5km Grand Malt fun run.

We have two stories to share with you from our runners Charlotte Schmidt whom finished the 21km race aswell as Robert Wells whom finished the 42km – Congrats to you both! Read further for their first hand encounters of their journeys along the way :



Andy Stephens 21km article on 2016 Kilimarathon

The Kilimarathon has been near the top of my list of ‘races to do around the world’ for some time now. I opted for the Half Marathon on this occasion, being the sensible option considering the package I booked involves starting a 6 day climb of Mount Kilimanjaro the following day.


Along with my mother (who returns to East Africa after 40 years having grown up in Kenya) and brother, we arrived in Moshi a couple of days in advance to prepare. Signs for the race were up everywhere and people of all ages were constantly asking us whether we are here for the running. This is my fourth visit to Tanzania and I have always known it to be one of the most friendly countries I have visited in Africa. But the usual formalities of ‘habari yako?’ or ‘mambo vipi?’ were for this weekend replaced with ’21 or 42kms?!’

There was a steady stream of people jogging towards the stadium at 6am. The early start time of 7am was designed to beat the worst of the heat. The marathon runners were getting in position as my brother and I arrived and we stood up in the stands as the excitement grew and the sun began to appear over the horizon behind Mawenzi Peak, the second highest on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Any tiredness felt from the early start was soon dispelled by the loud music and dj getting everyone fired up.

The start line outside the stadium was noisy and we missed the actual gun going off. I joined a running club last year and have spent the past few months working on speed to try and get PBs in a number of distances. Today was all about enjoying the race and conserving energy ahead of the climb though so the crowded start and first few km I took in my stride. Even if I had wanted to go for a PB it would have been impossible. Hundreds of people lined the route and I have never hi-fived so many kids whilst running before.

The half marathon route heads north from town and is a tough uphill run for the first 9km or so. You soon leave the built up town of Moshi and run into more rural communities. A section here was off the Tarmac and fortunately shaded amongst row after row of banana plantations. They were also interspersed with coffee trees, several huge red termite mounds and many groups of enthusiastic kids cheering you on.

By the time I reached the highest point before the long downhill stretch the sun was high in the sky and beating down. Coming from a cold UK winter it was tough but there were plenty of water stops and the occasional shower en route. As someone who gave up using plastic over a year ago it was great to hear about the ‘going green’ initiative at this year’s race and later see the cyclists with big carts on the back riding up and down to collect all the waste to be disposed of properly.

Obviously the most incredible aspect of the race is running below the magnificent snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and largest free-standing mountain in the world. Equally impressive, too, was being overtaken by the elite men’s marathon runners – who only started their race half an hour before me – as they glided past with 3kms to go. As the race entered those final few kilometres thoughts turned towards setting off tomorrow morning on the trek to the summit.

Back in Moshi, the crowds and noise grew and we were cheered by thousands in the stadium as the finish line appeared around the track. It was hot and humid, I felt quite drained by the end, but it was certainly one of the best races I have ever participated in. As great as the half was, I’m sure I’ll be back for the full marathon one day!

Written by: Andy Stephens – 21km competitor

Counting down to the Kilimanjaro Marathon


Exciting times ahead, 6 more days … and counting to the amazing Kilimanjaro Marathon, we hope you are prepared and ready to run this spectacular route underneath the watchful towering eye of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The Kilimanjaro Marathon is going into its 14th year! As a fully registered IAAF race, the marathon has official marshaling, time-keeping and refreshment points at regular intervals. The altitude gain is quite manageable with the entire race being completed between 830 and 1150m asl, on good tarred roads.

Featuring the Full (42.2km), Half marathon(21.1km), a Fun Run (5km) and ‘Wheelchair/Hand cycle’ (10km) categories, there is something for everyone!

Ready > Steady > Go and most of all enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine and this great event that comes around only once a year. Wishing the best of luck to all participants!

Last reminder to register! Registration takes place in Arusha, Kibo Hotel on Thursday 25 Feb and Moshi at Keys Hotel Uru road on Friday 26 and Sat 27 Feb – between 10h00 and 17h00 only.

Contact us:, or log on to the website

The Kilimanjaro Marathon Goes ‘Green’ – and discounts for SA runners


The 14th edition of the Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon, Tigo Half Marathon, Gapco Wheelchair / Tricycle and Hand cycle 10km Event and Grand Malt Fun Run are all focusing on being GREEN this year!!

‘The events are held at the base of Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest free standing mountain and we need to conserve and preserve this pristine environment in which we are privileged to run’
says John Addison, Race Director of the Event and MD of Travel Company Wild Frontiers.

The 2016 event will see the introduction of a partnership with Iko Eco, a social enterprise based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. Iko Eco exist to reduce the reliance on harmful waste disposal techniques used in the Kilimanjaro region and provide a reliable and accessible alternative. They will deploy a network of collection services, such as buy-back centers, community drop-off points, and cyclist collectors, to ensure plastic is no longer burned, buried, or dumped in the streets.

Steven Levine, the Business Development Officer of Iko Eco says;
‘We believe community events produce a lot of plastic waste that will end up dumped or burned, leading to serious health and environmental consequences. By giving us the opportunity to collect all plastic waste produced at the Kilimanjaro Marathon and to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, you could make a significant impact in the community.’


Planting of Indigenous Trees

Following an innovative email received by Wilfred Nyota on the Kilimanjaro Marathon Face Book page, who suggested that the organisers look at including an Indigenous Tree Planting Event along the marathon route, the race organizers have decided to do exactly that!
According to Wilfred, ‘the conditions in February, when the marathon takes place, will be suitable for early growth as it is the beginning of the rainy season’.
Being a previous Student of the events Home Ground Stadium at the Moshi Co-operative University, Nyota recognises the need to preserve the cool climatic conditions of the Kilimanjaro Region and provide a better ground for the marathon in the coming years, along with being able to provide shade around the perimeter of the Stadium for the 100’s of weary, tired, hot bodies post their run.
John Addison and the Organizers will start the initiative on the 20th January post the Kilimanjaro Marathon Moshi Launch, by planting a number of trees within the area / stadium etc . He would like to encourage all runners and sponsors to look at getting involved in this project, and a variety of options are being looked at locally . If you would like to
get involved in this amazing initiative please email :


The AIMS / IAAF magazine

Our international partners, the IAAF have recognised the Kilimarathon as a ‘feature Race’ for their April edition of their AIMS magazine ‘Distance Running’ which has a worldwide circulation of 1.2Million.
With the above in mind, the Race Organisers will be submitting a feature article that will include the events’ efforts in the Corporate Social Responsibility area, but they would also like an article from one of our participants to explain their experience of the event.
Addison would like to invite runners, who would be interested in writing about their experience this year, to submit to We are looking for participants in both the Marathon and half marathon please.

SA/ Namibia Participation Discounted Rate

Wild Frontiers would like to offer any SA and Namibian runners who book a PACKAGE though Wild Frontiers, a discount on the entry fees.
This would allow them to pay the same as East Africa Residents as the current Rate of Exchange has impacted forex payments for participants coming from these countries. Any interested participants need to contact Wild Frontiers directly to discuss the discounted rate on their entry fees. Note this is for package bookings only.
Contact :