Kili Marathon good for Tanzania tourism

Can you tell us the brief history of Wild Frontiers?

Wild Frontiers is the brainchild of two people, John and Debbie Addison. The two established the company in 1991, aiming at offering specialist tour operation services into the East, West and Southern Africa. We knew it would be easy for us to run such a company, due to the very fact that we have been involved in the tourism business for many years.

Personally, I have been a guide in most parts of Africa for over 20 years. Like any other company that operates legally, we started by seeking legal documents (licences) and having acquired them in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and in Zimbabwe, we shifted our attention to joining relevant associations as well as working with relevant government bodies in all the countries that we operate in.

So who do you work with in Tanzania?
Our Tanzanian outfit which is wholly Tanzanian managed, is a member of TATO [Tanzania Tour Operators Association]. In Tanzania, we also run camps and mobile camps in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. We are also the proud organizer of the famous Kilimanjaro Marathon which creates room for us to cooperate with a number of Tanzanian companies including Tanzania Breweries Limited through its Kilimanjaro Premium Lager brand, the main sponsor of the event; Gapco Tanzania and Vodacom Tanzania who sponsor the Half Disabled Marathon and the 5km fun run respectively.

We also cooperate with a number of committed  Tanzanian firms that co-sponsor the event.
In the same vein, with the able assistance of TTB [Tanzania Tourist Board], we have been involved in major marketing campaigns to help grow tourism and investment in Tanzania. We are also into a number of social responsibility projects with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation and United Against Malaria as well as with many other overseas donors mainly in malaria prevention and school upgrading, all for the general good of Tanzania.

In Uganda, where we also operate camp, lodges, vehicles and boats, we are a member of AUTO [the Association of Uganda Tour Operators] while in South Africa, Wild Frontiers is an active member of SATOA / ASATA (the South African Tour Operators Association), as well as SATSA (South African Tour & Safari Association). All operations have full public and passenger liability insurance.

Most Tanzanians know Wild Frontiers as one of the brains behind Kilimanjaro Marathon. How did you get involved in this internationally-applauded event?

It was sheer coincidence that when I was thinking about it, a Tanzanian sports enthusiast, Leonard Mandara, was also contemplating the same. I shared the idea with the Member of Parliament for Moshi Urban constituency, Hon Philemon Ndesamburo and out of fluke, Mandara also did the same at his own time.

We then decided to work as a team and our first joint consultative meeting was held at Keys Hotel in Moshi in 2002. Mandara was tasked with the duty of looking for a credible sponsor and that was how he went to see Aggrey Marealle who was then the National Public Affairs Manager at Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) Headquarters.Aggrey then proposed the idea to the then Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Brand Manager Goldman Nsherenguzi and in 2003, we were able to turn the dream into reality and that is how the Kilimanjaro Marathon was born, with Kilimanjaro Premium Lager as its chief sponsor ever since. We are most greatful to Kilimanjaro Premium Lager for 10 years of sustained athletics development.

But how do you promote tourism through Kilimanjaro Marathon?
From the onset, our intention has been to grow the development of sports and adventure tourism in the regions in which we operate. With that background, Kilimanjaro Marathon remains one of the most important channels. This year for example, we brought nearly 6000 runners close to the slopes of Africa’s highest mountain (Mount Kilimanjaro).

That in itself is an act of tourism promotion. The number of athletes, taking part in the event, has been going up since its inception in 2003 and that in my view, is a clear indication of our contribution to tourism promotion in Tanzania.

Do you think your initiatives are bringing any economic benefits to residents in the countries where you operate?
Our operations do benefit thousands of people in every country where we have operations in. In the first place, we employ over 200 people in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe, who provide means of livelihood for thousands of members of their families. We also pay tax to the governments. On the other note, an event like Kilimanjaro Marathon does benefit thousands of Tanzanians which we organize in conjunction with the sponsors.

Take it this way: This year alone, nearly 6,000 athletes from 40 countries took part in the just-ended Kilimanjaro Marathon while thousands more people sat on the benches as spectators of the 10th Kilimanjaro Marathon at the Moshi University College of Cooperatives and Business Studies (MUCCoBS) Stadium on Sunday February 26, 2012.

These people ate food from restaurants that are operated by Tanzanians; they slept in hotels that are operated by Tanzanians; they used transport facilities owned by Tanzanians and were guided by Tanzanian tour operating firms among other benefits. That is the fairest way to measure our contribution to development of tourism in Tanzania and the rest of other countries where we operate.

Source: The Citizen – Online

Daily News – Tanzania Online – Article

TANZANIANS were left with bitter pills to swallow after witnessing Kenyans taking home almost all medals and cash prizes at the 10th Kilimanjaro Marathon, which took place here on Sunday.

Fabian Joseph, I hour, 3 minutes and 32 seconds managed to finish in top three in the half marathon men’s category behind Hosea Mallel of Kenya whose time of 1:03:00 won him this year’s event that went with a 3m/- cash prize.

Ngugi Geoffrey finished second (1:03.14) Tanzanian Mary Naali was a distance fifth after clocking 1:15.47 in the same category for ladies category. Otherwise, all other top ten finishers in the two categories were Kenyans. It was even heart breaking in full marathon where none of the Tanzanian runner managed to break into the top ten bracket in both men’s and ladies categories as Kenyans swept all medals and cash prizes to once again underline and signify the drastic fall of athletics standard in the country.

Hundreds of Moshi residents who turned up at the MUCCOS grounds, including Information, Youth, Culture and Sports Minister Emmanuel Nchimbi, who was chief guest, saw Kenyan David Kipromo broke the event’s record after clocking 2:13.5 as he categorically classified the race as toughest he has ever competed in.

“It is one of the most difficult marathons I’ve ever participated.  Characteristics of steep route ensured it was hard for runners to cope…but with determination and drills that I went through back home in Kenya, enabled me overcome the challenges and I’m happy that I won it,” said the 6m/- cash prize winner.

Monica Jopkoech from Kenya won the ladies Full Marathon, clocking 2:42.45 and was also entitled to a 6m/- prize. The duo will only collect their cash prizes after passing the dope test. Second placed in full marathon men went to another Kenyan Ezekiel Mimtani, who clocked 2:14. 06.

He will be awarded 3m/- after passing the requisite dope test, same as Peris Jopkorir who finished second in the ladies’ full marathon. Kenyan Kibet Timothy finished third in a time of 2:15.38 in full marathon, men’s category, while in the ladies category the third place went to Panuelog Anersmoila who clocked 2:43.41. They both took home 1.7m/- cash prizes.

Gapco also dished out cash prizes to winners in the Gapco Disabled Half Marathon who are Berna Mathias, Iduma Yusuph and Mbangumbangu Mzee.

Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Brand Manager George Kavishe said the 10th anniversary of the Kili Marathon has been improved in terms of preparations as well as prizes. “We are aware that running the marathon is a tough and challenging and therefore we appreciate seeing many of our youth coming in great numbers to compete and bring honour to Tanzania this is why we have almost doubled the cash prizes,” he said.

The annual Kilimanjaro Marathon event is being sponsored by Kilimanjaro Lager. Other co-sponsors include Vodacom who sponsored the 5km Fun Run, Gapco who sponsored Disabled Half Marathon. Water tables, sponsored by CFAO Motors, KK Security, TanzaniteOne, TPC Sugar, Precisionair, Kilimanjaro Water, Tanzania Tourist Board, Tanga Cement as well as Standard Chartered, were available throughout the entire route to keep runners refreshed. It is being jointly coordinated by Wild Frontiers of South Africa and Dar es Salaam-based Executive Solution, whose Managing Director Aggrey Marealle was the day’s Master of ceremonies.

Source: Daily News – Tanzania Online news Article

11 Days to go!!

Online entries via the website close on 17 February 2012.To enter via website click here:
or download the entry form HERE and fax back to us on: +27 86 689 6159 or email Tracy Salgado at:

Entries in Arusha
Thrusday 23 February 10h00 – 16h00
Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium Arusha

Entries in Moshi & Race number collection
Friday 24 February 10h00 – 16h00
Saturday 25 February 10h00 – 16h00
At Keys Hotel, Uru Road Moshi

Those who have not entered via the website will need to complete an entry form, pay and then collect your race number. Those who have entered, but not yet paid, may proceed to the pre-entries desk to pay and collect your race number. If you have entered and paid, you still need to go to registration to collect your race number from the pre-entries desk.

The race is being run under the auspices of the Tanzanian Amateur Athletics Association TAAA and the IAAF rules will govern this event.

The logistics of the operation are run by the Kilimanjaro Marathon Club and the members of both the Tanzania Amateur Athletics Association (TAAA) and the local Kilimanjaro Amateur Athletics Association (KAAA).

Entry fee

Full Marathon:
Entry only – foreign residents: $60 / East African citizens Tsh6000 / East African residents or work permit holders $30

Half Marathon:
Entry only – foreign residents: $60 / East African citizens Tsh4000 / East African residents or work permit holders $30

Fun Run:
Fun run – Foreign residents – USD 2 / local residents and citizens Tsh3000

Starting Times
The Full and Half Marathon events start at the MUCCOB STADIUM in Moshi, and finishes there.

The Fun Run starts on Uru Road, at the bottom of Muccob Stadium, and finishes inside the stadium.

  • 42.2km marathon – 06h30am
  • 21.1km disabled half marathon wheelchair category – 06h45
  • 21.1km half marathon – 07h00am
  • 5km Fun Run – 07h30am – start Uru Road, end Muccob Stadium

May be subject to change, please check on registration.

Entry Conditions

Full Marathon:
The competition is open to persons 21 years and over

Half Marathon:
The competition is open to persons – 18 years and over.

Fun Run:
The competition is open to persons 10 years and over.

Disabled – wheelchair – HALF MARATHON ONLY

Other disabled – HALF MARATHON ONLY

Whilst categories may be noted on the results there may not necessarily be any recognition or prizes on race day for categories indicated above.

No mobile seconding of any description will be allowed on the route. Runners are allowed seconding within a distance of 100 meters either side of the official refreshment stations.
Aid stations will be withdrawing from the route after a relative time calculated on the cut-off.

Cut Off Time

Full Marathon:
Final cut-off after 6hrs, ie 12:30 noon.

Half Marathon:
Final cut-off 12:30 noon

Fun Run:
No cut-off

Medals and T-Shirts:

Full Marathon:

Medals and T-shirts will be available (first 500 runners).

Half Marathon:
Medals and T-shirts will be available (first 2000 runners).

Fun Run:
No Medal – the Fun Run will be giving away spot prizes on the day, there are no place winners. T-shirts available (first 3000 runners).

2012 Prize Money

2012 Prize Money
PlaceFull Marathon Men and Women TshHalf Marathon Men and Women Tsh

Disabled Category
Men and Woman

Disabled Category Men and Woman
PlaceSpinners (3 wheel racing chairs) TshNormal WheelchairHand CycleOther Disabled
1st 200,000/- 200,000/-200,000/-200,000/-
3rd 60,000/- 60,000/- 60,000/- 60,000/-

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